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Post Processing of my Grandsons Portrait

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Backup Images Immediately

What I normally do once I have transferred all of my photos to the computer is immediately copy all of the RAW files onto a backup CD. I will not erase any files on the Compact Flash card until I need to use that card again. At that point, I will format the card in the camera.

Select and Adjust with DPP

Now that I feel safe that I should not loose any images, I will load up Digital Photo Professional and navigate to the folder that contains the images I just downloaded from the CF card.  Using the Quick Check Tool I will go through all the images and number them 1 for a “keeper”, 2 for a “maybe I will keep it” and 3 for “delete”.


How I Photographed My Grandsons Portraits

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Grandson's Portrait with one light

Grandson's portrait shot with one light.

We recently had a rather large family group weekend visit. This group included my 2 daughters and their very young sons, one each! Along with the visit comes the customary “I want you to take my boys portrait while we are here”, to which I always reply “no problem, I planned on it.”