Exploring Photography Again!

Well, I am back at it. I started to build a website for the exploration of photography and my job and life created a situation that did not allow me to continue with it for quite a while.

I have decided to abandon the old style of web site building and forge ahead with a blog! It just makes better sense to me. My focus is to explore photography from the creation of an image to the final output and any digital manipulation in between.

While I am new to blogging, photography is an old friend. I started my exploration back in the heydays of Kodachrome, before Ektar and when the thought of a digital camera was science fiction. When I started my venture into photography it was not hard to find magazines that contained good how to articles. These magazines have become so product oriented that I have stopped reading most of them in disappointment.

My wish is to produce post filled with “how to” information. I will explore, photograph, manipulate and post as much “How I did it” information as I can. There is no right or wrong technique to achieve your image.

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