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NEW Article added January 31, 2006 - Better Backgrounds = Amazing Photos -  I have compiled a list of 3 simple things you can do to take an amazing leap forward with your photographic explorations just by controlling your background.

Quick Guide to Taking Better Photos - ...if you think your photos are lacking "something", these tips could be the key to saying "wow" today and tomorrow. I guarantee you will see major improvement in your photography, if you follow these steps....

Portrait Photography Tips ...
Portrait is defined as, ďA likeness of a person, especially one showing the face, that is created by a painter or photographer, for example.Ē In the area of portrait photography there are some guidelines that you should consider when you go to take photos of people.

Baseball Photography Tips -
Baseball! America's Pastime, and a sport growing in popularity throughout the world, where the Boys of Summer slug it out. A baseball game is the perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, plus it provides opportunities to take photos that last a lifetime.

Self Assignment: Product Photography - I was looking at someone else's attempt at photographing a glass of Whiskey and thought I would try my hand at it.

 7 Ways to Improve Your Photographic Vision - Why does one photographer walk by an opportunity that someone else turns into a magazine cover? How can you learn to see creatively? Your camera manual won't answer these questions

Understanding White Balance or Color Temperature -
Light has a definite color to it depending on the light source and itís surrounding conditions. As humans we donít recognize the changes in the color of light, for the most part, because our brains adjust for it....

Softening and Diffusing Digital Photos The nature of the media has changed. What worked with film doesn't achieve
the same results in the digital realm. Photographers who've discovered this
are either abandoning their old filters.....

Create Salable Portraits
What I learned from a mentor that enabled me to go from an amateur photographer to a professional portrait photographer in very specific steps is something I like to pass on. Rather than spending countless hours in classes learning every possible detail about photography, I learned just the necessary specifics to get started in the business and now I work out of my home part-time earning a full-time income....

10 Tips for Great Flower Photography - Flower photography is not only a great way to spend your time learning different photography techniques it is also a great way to add to your home decor!

Photography Poses - Prepare for the event by thinking about every photograph you want to take and what kind of photography pose or poses you would like to capture.

How to Stop Making Blurry Pictures - Blurry Pictures, everyone makes them at some point in time.



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